Governor Ned M. Lamont

State of Connecticut
State Revolving Fund
General Revenue Bonds
2019 Series A and 2019 Series B Refunding

The Treasurer of the State of Connecticut intends to sell $250,000,000* of State Revolving Fund General Revenue Bonds (Green Bonds), 2019 Series A to finance public wastewater treatment projects and public drinking water projects. The 2019 Series A Bonds are being identified as “Green Bonds” as the proceeds will be applied exclusively for projects and activities that promote climate or other environmentally sustainable purposes in alignment with Green Bond Principles, 2018. The 2019 Series B Refunding Bonds will refund certain outstanding bonds for debt service savings.


Before you buy any bonds, you should read the related Preliminary and final Official Statement, which will contain all available information about the bonds.

See the Official Statement for further and detailed information regarding the tax status of the bonds. Before deciding to purchase any bonds, investors should consult their tax advisors to determine the applicable federal, state and local tax consequences of owning any bonds.



Expected Retail Order Period: Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Expected Institutional Pricing: Thursday, June 20, 2019
Expected Closing and Delivery Date: Tuesday, July 9, 2019


Transaction Overview*

Par Amount Green Bonds 2019 Series A: $250,000,000*
Par Amount of the 2019 Series B Refunding Bonds: $31,065,000*
Security: Special Obligations of the state payable solely from moneys in the Revolving Fund.
Expected Structure Green Bonds 2019 Series A: Serial Maturities 2021 to 2039*
Expected Structure 2019 Series B Refunding Bonds: Serial Maturities 2019 to 2022*
Bond Insurance: None
Principal Due Date Green Bonds 2019 Series A: February 1st
Principal Due Date 2019 Series B Refunding Bonds: October 1st
Interest Payment Dates Green Bonds 2019 Series A: Semiannually on February 1st and August 1st
in each year, commencing February 1, 2020.
Interest Payment Dates 2019 Series B Refunding Bonds: Semiannually on April 1st and October 1st
in each year, commencing October 1, 2019.
Optional Redemption: To be determined at the time of pricing
Type of Securities Offered: Fixed Rate Bonds
Denominations: $5,000, or any integral multiples thereof
Expected Tax Status: Interest on the Bonds is exempt from Federal
income tax and, for Connecticut residents, is
also State tax-exempt.
Bond Ratings: Moody’s: Aaa
Standard & Poor’s: AAA
Fitch: AAA
Announcement: Tombstone Announcement
Preliminary Official Statement: Preliminary Official Statement
Investor Roadshow: Investor Roadshow


*Preliminary, subject to change.