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The update schedule for some of the reports under the “State Budget – Actual and Projections” are as follows:

Report NameLink LocationAvailable on or About
Consensus RevenueConsensus Revenue Reports
- OPM & OFA Reports
January 15th
April 30th
November 10th
Fiscal Accountability
Fiscal Accountability Reports
- Office of Policy and Management (OPM) Reports
November 20th
Fiscal Accountability
Fiscal Accountability Reports
- Office of Fiscal Analysis (OFA) Reports
On the webpage: Budget Status Reports > Fiscal Accountability
November 20th
Comptroller Monthly Letter to the GovernorBudget Projections
- Office of the Comptroller Monthly Reports
On the webpage: Monthly Letter to the Governor
1st of each month
OPM Monthly ReportBudget Projections
- OPM Monthly Forecasts Reports
20th of each month
Statutory Basis Financial ReportBudget Projections
- Office of the Comptroller Monthly Reports
On the webpage: Annual Report – Budgetary Basis
By September 30th
Audited Financial Statement prepared using the guidance of GAAPBudget Projections
- Office of the Comptroller Monthly Reports
On the webpage: Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports
By February 28th
Official Statement Archive

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